How you can help Ukraine

The Ukrainian Psychoanalytic Society, an IPA study group sent out this letter, which contains a link to a comprehensive list of ways to help.

Dear colleagues,

We are Ukrainian analysts, members and candidates of Ukrainian Psychoanalytic Society, IPA study-group. Our country is now a target of an unprovoked and cruel Russian military aggression. You could see how thousands and thousands of people get injured by missile strikes, shelling, civilian infrastructure is being destroyed en mass, and this list goes on. We and our patients must think under real, not metaphorical; fire and survival became our first priority. The war destroys our practice, our cities, and lives. 

 We want to ask you for help. First of all, we ask you to express in direct open way your condemnation of and outrage at the Russian attack. We want all colleagues in the world to know our situation and to express their solidarity. We know that many in the West were under the influence of Russian propaganda, were blind, and some are still remain so. Please, try to share the information about our real situation to your colleagues, fellow citizens, and governments – about the desperate struggle of Ukrainian forces against the biggest army in world and approaching a humanitarian disaster for civilians. 

 If somebody would like to help us financially, we add the list of Ukrainian organizations which really need your support and the link to different recourses to understand and help our country now. 

How can you help Ukraine – list of organizations:

Yours sincerely,

UPS Board:

Alexandra Mirza, UPS President

Rostislav Gryvul

Anna Kravtsova

Igor Romanov #ukraineinvasion