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The Institute

Training mental health professionals in the art and science of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy for over 60 years. The Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute provides high quality clinical and academic training in psychoanalysis and psychodynamic psychotherapy. Some financial assistance with training is available.

Barry Miller, M.D.

Chair, Education Committee; President, Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute; Co-President, Michigan Psychoanalytic Foundationbmmiller@umich.edu(734) 662-2956

Our Vision

We emphasize modern psychoanalytic theories and techniques without losing touch with the basic tenets that have characterized psychoanalytic thought from the beginning — that we have unconscious thoughts, feelings and fantasies, that experiences from early in life stay with us into adulthood, and that talking is the best cure we know for many psychological problems.

Exceptional Clinical and Academic Education and Training

The Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute provides outstanding clinical training and educational programs in adult and child/adolescent psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic / psychodynamic psychotherapy. Our innovative educational approaches like a fully integrated child and adult curriculum, and our Early Admissions program, have become national models for psychoanalytic education.  We also train national and international Distance Candidates who want the excellence of MPI’s high educational standards. Our graduate psychoanalysts are devoted educators for psychoanalysts and psychotherapists worldwide. 

Expert Faculty

Our faculty are accomplished psychoanalyst clinician-educators, with extensive experience in psychoanalysis and mental health. We have over 90 faculty, comprising a wide range of clinical expertise.  Many faculty have published significant contributions advancing our understanding of clinical, theoretical, research, and educational issues.

Dedicated to Psychoanalysis in Michigan

The Institute has proudly served the communities of southeast Michigan since 1963. We maintain our administrative office in Farmington Hills and offer our seminars in both Farmington Hills and Ann Arbor. Many of our faculty teach and supervise psychodynamic clinical work in the local psychiatry residency and psychology training programs, expanding psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic expertise beyond the Institute.

Mission Statement of the Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute

The mission of the Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute is to promote education and research in psychoanalysis as a scientific and clinical discipline and as a method of treatment for mental health problems.

This mission is accomplished by:

  • Providing training to qualified individuals to become future psychoanalysts.
  • Providing a wide range of educational programs about psychoanalytic perspectives and treatment methods to mental health professionals.
  • Presenting educational programs in psychoanalysis applied to topics of interest to the general public.
  • Offering psychoanalytic programs and consultation to community agencies, educational organizations and other institutions.
  • Promoting and organizing research furthers psychoanalytic knowledge of mental functioning.
  • Providing supervised psychoanalysis and supervised psychoanalytic psychotherapy to individuals in the community.
Officers of the Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute
PresidentBarry M. Miller, M.D.bmmiller@umich.edu
President-ElectGiovanni Minonne, Ph.D.gminonne@umich.edu
Vice PresidentMarc Hirsch, Ph.D.mrhirschphd@sbcglobal.net
SecretarySara Dumas, M.D.smd@saradumas.com
TreasurerCarol Barbour, Ph.D.barbourc@umich.edu
Representatives to the
Executive Council of APsaA
Margaret Walsh, Ph.D.
Susan Flinders, Ph.D.
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