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Why Psychoanalysis: The Talking Cure

Psychoanalysis is a collaboration in which the patient and analyst work together over time to explore unconscious feelings, thoughts, and conflicts through talk.

People consult with a psychoanalyst or choose to study psychoanalysis for many reasons.  Psychoanalytic thinking provides a unique, comprehensive basis for understanding and helping the human being. Its insights allow psychoanalytic professionals to help our patients—adults and children—to live fuller and more satisfying lives, when internal problems have previously caused them painful symptoms, difficulties in behavior, mood, and self-esteem, and significant limitations in their relationships, work, school or personal achievements.

Psychoanalysis and the psychoanalytic therapies help people achieve better inner integration, happier ways of being alive, greater self-understanding, and the ability to move ahead and to grow. In addition to its insights allowing us to help adults and children, some of us have additional experience applying these insights to work to help organizations to function better when interpersonal dynamics interfere.

Teaching Psychoanalysis since 1957

Courses in psychoanalysis and the psychoanalytic therapies foster the development of the clinician, enabling them to work more empathically and effectively to help patients achieve better inner integration, greater self-understanding, increased happiness and life satisfaction, and personal growth. Scholars and academicians may also find their expertise in their chosen fields enhanced by the addition of psychoanalytic understandings. Such applicants are welcome to join with clinicians in any of the programs in any of our educational programs.

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The Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute, Society, and Foundation are headquartered at the Michigan Psychoanalytic Center in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Classes are held at a second location in Ann Arbor as well as at the Center in Farmington Hills.

Farmington Hills

32841 Middlebelt Rd., Suite 411
Farmington Hills, MI 48334

Phone: (248) 851-3380

Ann Arbor

3300 Washtenaw Ave, Suite 270
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Phone: (734) 213-3399

The Mel Bornstein Clinic also has its headquarters at the Farmington Hills location as well as a second office in Ann Arbor.