PACA is a joint committee between MPI and MPS.

Harvey H. Falit, M.D.

Co-Chair, 662-1668

Maxine Grumet, Ph.D.

Co-Chair, 593-1389

This joint committee of the Society and Institute is available to any patient, student, candidate, or faculty member who may have a concern about the competency or ethical behavior of any psychoanalyst whether in an educational or clinical situation. The committee will handle all concerns or complaints confidentially. An inquiry may be initiated through consulting the co-chairs, Harvey H. Falit, M.D., or Maxine Grumet, Ph.D., or any of the committee members: Nancy Blieden, Ph.D., Marcy Palmer Broder, L.M.S.W., Lena Ehrlich, Psy.D., Sanford Koltonow, M.D., Alan Krohn, Ph.D., Marc Rosen, Ph.D., or Margaret Walsh, Ph.D. The major thrust of this committee is consultation and mediation. Early discussion of complaints tends to prevent more serious ethical violations in the future. For further information, please contact any of the above listed committee members.