New Scholarship fund for candidates and psychotherapy (ACAPP) students

We are happy to announce the new MPI-MPF Scholarship Fund. This fund was established to award partial scholarships to clinical non-physician candidates in the psychoanalytic training program and students in the Adult and Child/Adolescent Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (ACAPP) program. Additionally, as funds are available, there may be assistance for an academic candidate. A total of $10,000 is available to be awarded each year to eligible applicants based on financial need and merit. Applications must be submitted each year no later than June 30th and are available from the Institute office or on the website at

Our hope is that this new fund will provide more generous support for psychoanalytic education in addition to the Reisman Fund, Klyman Scholarship Fund for Psychiatrists’ Psychoanalytic Training and the Deanna Holtzman Interdisciplinary Scholarship Fund for academic candidates.

We would also like to thank the Reisman family for agreeing to un-restrict the funds they donated many years ago. If necessary, further funding from that source can be made available for scholarships at the recommendation and discretion of the Scholarship and Educational Committees.

Our best regards,

John Gilkey, M.D.

President, Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute

Co-President, Michigan Psychoanalytic Foundation

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