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Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute & Society

Psychotherapy Fellowship


The Fellowship is a one-year clinically-based program designed to introduce and further develop an understanding of psychoanalytic principles as applied to psychotherapy with adults, children, and adolescents.

Two programs are offered each academic year: one in Ann Arbor and one in Farmington Hills.


Fellowship participants meet as a class on a weekly basis with instructors from the faculty and guest faculty of the Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute. Instructors present clinical material during 5-6 week segments to illustrate psychoanalytic approaches to work with children, adolescents, and their parents as well as work with adult patients.


The Fellowship is ideally suited for mental health clinicians who are in practice, recently graduated, or in training in their respective fields of psychiatry, psychology, social work, counseling, marriage and family therapy, or nursing.

It is also useful for non-mental health professionals who wish to apply the psychodynamic perspective to their own field of work.

Tuition, Schedules & Locations

Tuition: $1,200 - due August 15

Participants may register for the Fellowship in either Ann Arbor or Farmington Hills, and will meet in the MPI building in their respective city.

Financial Aid

The Drs. Samuel G. and Geraldine G. Reisman Scholarship was established using a generous gift from the Reismans to the Michigan Psychoanalytic Foundation in December 2000 to support candidates and students enrolled in clinical training programs.

The Cassandra M. Klyman, M.D. Scholarship Fund for Psychiatric Psychoanalytic Training was established to help physicians, often financially burdened by medical school debt, to both deepen and expand their understanding of their patients' mental lives through psychoanalytic training. A total of $5000 is available to be awarded each year to eligible applicants; individual amounts will depend on the number of qualified applicants.

These gifts were inspired by the wish to make the Institute's training more accessible. Partial assistance for tuition is awarded annually by early September on the basis of merit and documented need.

Scholarship applications need to be submitted each year by June 30. An application form can be downloaded here or please contact the Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute office to have one mailed to you.

Richard Fish, Ph.D. can be contacted at (248) 350-8787 for further information.

Application Procedure

Complete the application form and submit it along with a $40 nonrefundable application fee, and two letters of reference by June 30.

Early application is encouraged.

Applications received after June 30 will be accepted according to space and the agreement of the program Director(s).


A personal interview with faculty is required for acceptance into the Fellowship program.

Further Information

Questions may be directed to either program directors or program administrator:

Farmington Hills Fellowship Program Director:

Sally Rosenberg, D.O.

248 626-7735

Ann Arbor Fellowship Director:

Joshua Ehrlich, Ph.D.
734 663-7839

Program Administrator:

Lana Jaeger-Barstad
248 851-3380

To meet our faculty and current students and hear about our programs, you are welcome to join us at the Annual MPI Open House.