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WebMD: War Talk May Cause Anxiety, Panic

Psychoanalysts Say You May Need to Reach Deep to Find Out Why

Jan. 22, 2003

Questions about war, terrorism, and the economy confront us every time we turn on the television or pick up a newspaper. And for certain individuals, these external crises can -- and will -- trigger internal crises, say leading psychoanalysts.

"We are bombarded with news about crises in business, government, and religion and it's over-stimulating," Kerry J, Sulkowicz, MD, New York-based psychoanalyst, tells WebMD. "And it leaves us with the feeling that some of the basic pillars of our society are disintegrating and we are seeing some huge cracks or threats in the foundations of [these pillars]. That is deeply unsettling and for some it may precipitate profound personal anxiety," he says.

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