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Richard Ruzumna, M.D.

Richard Ruzumna, M.D.

Richard Ruzumna, the honoree for the 2012 Michigan Psychoanalytic Foundation's Annual Benefit, is an unassuming, laid back and modest guy. Richard, or Dick as he is known to his friends, has given his time tirelessly and generously over many years to help the Institute and many other educational and chartiable institutions, but he keeps a low profile.

Dick went to the University of Michigan for his undergraduate degree and to Wayne State University for medical school. He did his residency in psychiatry at Detroit Receiving Hospital. To fulfill his military obligation, he then spent two years in the National Institute of Mental Health in Washington, D.C. At the same time, he began to pursue his interest in psychoanalysis by auditing classes at the Baltimore/Washington Institute for Psychoanalysis. When he returned to Michigan, Dick became a candidate at MPI.

Since his graduation from MPI, Dick has served on the faculty as a teacher and became a training and supervising analyst. He has served as chair or a member of many, if not most, of the committees at MPI, MPS, and the Foundation. He was President of the Institute (and as such, chair of the Educational Committee) and chair of the Patient/Colleague Assistance Committee. He ran the Treatment Clinic and was president of MPS. Currently he is chair of the Development Committee, Co-President of the Foundation and chair of the Ethics Committee of MPI/MPS.

During his training, Dick became active in the American Psychoanalytic Association. He was among a small group of candidates from around the county who founded the national candidates' organization and was its first president. At the American Psychoanalytic Association he has served as a representative to the Executive Council several times, as co-chair of the committee of development of new psychoanalytic centers, and on the Board on Professional Standards. Most recently, he finished an eight year stint on the Committee on Institutes. He headed the site visit to the Denver Institute for Psychoanalysis and visited several other institutes across the country. These visits were of special interest to Dick, as he enjoyed learning about how they were run in order to bring back fresh ideas to MPI.

In a similar vein of interest, Dick was active in the formation of the psychoanalytic institute in Minneapolis, where he supervised, taught and contributed to its initial organizational and administrative procedures.

Dick is active at other educational settings. At Wayne State University School of Medicine he serves on the admissions committee, where he helps to interview and select students. He has been president of the Board of Governors of the Alumni Association of the medical school. Additionally, he has been on the Board of Governors of Cranbrook Academy for eight years.

One of his most important contributions to psychoanalysis and mental health was the development and founding of the Walnut Lake Preschool, a therapeutic nursery. Over many years, Dick led the efforts to form such an educational enterprise from the initial idea to fruition. He personally visited nurseries around the country, raised and stewarded the funds and organized the facility by finding the spot, finding the personnel to run it, etc. Without his efforts, the nursery would not have become a reality.

What gives Dick the most pleasure, he says, is working with young people. Dick takes much pleasure from his four sons and four grandchildren. Clearly, from his work in establishing and supporting new and varied educational facilities, he makes things happen for young people. All of this work has been accompanied by his sense of humor and openness to everyone he meets.