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Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute & Society

Harold Kulish


The Michigan Psychoanalytic Foundation celebrated its 20th anniversary at the Rock Diamond Showcase in Novi on November 10, 2007. The honoree of the evening was Harold Kulish, founding member and first president of the Michigan Psychoanalytic Foundation.

Mr. Kulish has bottomless enthusiasm, broad intellect and charm. He is a distinguished member of Michigan's professional community, a highly respected real estate appraiser, broker, investor and manager. He has long been an activist for mental health awareness in our community. His involvements in other community projects include Orchestra Hall, McShane Park, KADIMA and the DSO.

Mr. Kulish served as President of the Michigan Psychoanalytic Foundation for over a decade. He led its Board during the establishment of an annual fundraising drive that raises more money than any other psychoanalytic foundation in the USA. Harold has helped many similar foundations throughout the country by sharing the Michigan experience. He has always been the leading fundraiser in our annual campaign. Without these funds our clinical and educational outreach to the Detroit and Ann Arbor metropolitan areas would not have been possible.

His generosity and creative leadership extend to many other sectors of our community. He helped organize the effort to save Orchestra Hall and later was asked to join the Board of Directors of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra which now regularly plays in this world class music hall.

He has had a special interest in restoring neglected parks in the City of Detroit. He works together with the local communities and the Department of Parks and Recreation of the City of Detroit. He has already established four such parks. He has created gardens and bird feeding stations in many facilities of JARC and Kadima. These agencies serve mentally disturbed adults and developmentally challenged children and adults. Harold has received many awards for his public service work in the area of restoring and upgrading parks that serve the entire surrounding communities, especially for providing recreational opportunities for young people. He has received the Spirit of Detroit award by the Detroit City Council. He has also received awards from Oakland County and the Pistons Organization.

Harold’s projects are broadly aimed at helping the disadvantaged and in creating a more livable city that sustains our citizenry through music, recreation, and availability of mental health services.

We are very proud to honor Harold on the occasion of our 20th anniversary.