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Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute & Society


Speakers Bureau

The Speakers Bureau has analysts available to address a variety of topics, either through delivering talks, facilitating discussion groups, or organizing workshops.  In addition to addressing such mental health-specific problems as anxiety, depression, and serious mental illness, speakers are available to address such stress-inducing problems of daily living as divorce, physical illness, job loss, adoption, and caring for elderly parents.

Child analysts can offer insights into a multitude of problems for parents and children, including such topics as discipline, understanding teenagers, helping children prepare for a major transition, or an impending life change.

We have specialists in organizational consulting who can offer insights into common workplace problems.  One of our speakers works extensively with the problems of musicians and other performers, and another has special expertise in dealing with the problems and concerns of athletes.

Community groups, employers, schools or the media can contact Marc Rosen, Ph.D. for assistance in locating a speaker with the necessary expertise.