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Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute & Society

Help for Military Families


The soldier is the one deployed.
But the whole family serves...

SOFAR--Strategic Outreach to Families of All Reservists--is a unique and innovative program developed in Boston by Jaine L. Darwin, Psy.D. and Kenneth I. Reich, Ed.D. to aid the families and loved ones of army Reservists and National Guard deployed in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait.

Family members at home experience severe stress when coping with a loved one's deployment.  While the stresses families face during deployment are well-known, the difficulties they encounter when soldiers return are often just as profound.  Without treatment and support, this stress can lead to divorce, substance abuse, unemployment, behavior problems in children, and other related issues that can have a lasting impact on family life.

SOFAR-MPI is a pro bono mental health project that provides free psychological support, psychotherapy, psychoeducation and prevention services to extended family of reserve and national guard throughout their tour of deployment and upon their return.

To access SOFAR MPI's services, please call our hotline at (248) 904-6776 or contact Paula Kliger, Ph.D.