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Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute & Society

Crisis Response Committee and Network

The Crisis Response Committee was established in 2001 by the Michigan Psychoanalytic Society immediately following the September 11 disaster. It is a community outreach effort that has as its key mission:

  • To support the psychological and emotional recovery of those within 
    the local national and international communities who must face or have faced the pain, suffering and losses of human and natural disasters;
  • To prepare and empower mental health and medical professionals with psychoanalytically-informed, disaster response and recovery tools to 
    assist those who have been affected by crises and disasters;
  • To serve, in collaboration with other professions and disciplines, as an
    educational resource and as an advocate for finding humanistic ways to continue to address the long-term effects of crisis and disaster as they occur around the world.

The Crisis Response Network consists of psychoanalytically-informed clinicians (psychoanalysts, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and students in the field) who receive the training in the American Red Cross Disaster Mental Health and who demonstrate an interest in fulfilling the CRC Mission. For more information, please contact Paula Kliger, Ph.D. Chair, Crisis Response Committee.