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Psychoanalytic Disagreements in Context

Dale Boesky’s “Psychoanalytic Disagreements in Context”
By Warren S. Poland, M.D. Author, Melting the Darkness

In this innovative contribution of historical importance, Boesky provides a breakthrough way for psychoanalysis to move beyond its present Babel of Pluralism. While valuing each of the various analytic points of view, Boesky shows that there can never be a simple Rosetta stone for translating one psychoanalytic point of view into another. However, he then moves beyond that limitation to develop brilliantly a methodology for comparison of analytic understandings, taking us from examination of what we think to that of how we think.

Boesky proposes and elucidates the promise of contextualization, clarifying an essential vocabulary and opening the way for appreciation, comparison and integration of various psychoanalytic understandings. While doing all of this, Boesky takes us beyond false battles, such as that of analysis as a scientific vs. a hermeneutic enterprise.

And what makes this major leap forward in our thinking all the more estimable is the uncommon clarity with which Boesky exposes the issues, their development, and the possibilities for resolution. The book is readable, indeed reading like an engaging conversation.

This work, respectful of diversity, expresses a rare passion for inquiry shaped by precision of thought. It is an essential reading for all analytic thinkers, having the capacity to move future analytic debate from parochial polemics to constructive discourse.

Complete reference:
Boesky, D. (2008). Psychoanalytic Disagreements in Context. New York: Jason Aronson/Rowman and Littlefield.