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The Negation of Consensus:A Case Study

When we treat patients in analysis or psychoanalytic therapy we develop measures to assess change in the process and/or shifts in defenses or symptoms.  We talk about the therapeutic alliance or shifts in the transference/ countertransference situation.  With some difficult patients, we cannot easily describe the process or changes in the patient.  It is difficult or impossible to develop a common language that can describe progress, regress or stalemate.  A young single male has been seen for 3 years where such difficulties persisted.  A description of the use of various measures tried without obtaining validation from the patient will be presented.  A discussion of these dilemmas is welcomed.

Alan Skolnikoff, M.D.
Training and Supervising Analyst,
San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute

Saturday, October 14, 2006
2:00 pm
Farmington Hills