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Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute & Society

Reel Deal II - Margin Call

Bloomfield Township Library
Sunday, November 4, 2012
1-3 pm

Director’s Chair: Matthew Sherman, M.A.
Psychoanalyst: Michael Shulman, Ph.D.
Academic: Bruce Russell, Ph.D.

Practice Gap /Need: Psychotherapists usually assume that patients tell the truth. This two hour program for the film Margin Call invites therapists to explore the range of motivations for deceit and dishonesty. Are liars always evil? Do they believe their lies? Who is accountable? There will be extensive film clips to elucidate the mechanisms and consequences of dishonesty with discussion by a film theorist, followed by psychological and philosophical discussions.

Objectives: At the conclusion of the program, participants will demonstrate the ability to: 1) Recognize the wide range of deceitful behaviors enacted by individuals and the applications for the clinical situation. 2) Appreciate the range of defenses utilized to rationalize and justify dishonest behavior (greed, vanity, and myopia) and the consequences when unacknowledged. 3) Understanding of the transference and countertransference elements in dealing with individuals involved in dishonesty (either within the treatment room or outside).