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Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute & Society

Reel Deal V - A Dangerous Method

Sunday, May 6, 2012
1-3 pm

Director's Chair: Diane Geiger
Psychoanalyst: Kathleen Moore,Ph.D.
Academic: Bruce Russell, Ph.D.

Practice/Gap Need: When clinicians underestimate or ignore the power of transference-countertransference enactments, boundaries are crossed and relationships destroyed. A Dangerous Method is a unique film that focuses on the compelling story of the interwoven relationships between Freud, Jung and Sabina Spielrein in the early days of psychoanalysis. Jung's application of the "talking cure" with the young and very disturbed Spielrein is portrayed vividly, centered around the sexual relationship that developed between Jung and his patient. The correspondence with Freud by Jung (prior to their schism) and Spielrien offers a unique opportunity to experience the evolution of the concept of countertransference. This two hour program consists of a discussion of film clips by a film theorist with a psychoanalytic perspective. A psychoanalyst and a philosopher will then discuss various aspects of the therapeutic relationships between Freud, Jung and Spielrein with ample time for audience questions.

At the end of the program, participants will be able to DEMONSTRATE:

  • Understanding of the profound presence of transference-countertransference in the therapeutic setting.
  • Ability to assess the evolving unconscious transference wishes and fantasies developed by patient AND therapist.
  • Appreciation for the historical legacy within psychoanalysis and its founders struggled with the intense phenomena that form the basis of our work today.

Bloomfield Township Public Library
Lone Pine and Telegraph

General Public $15; Students $5; APT Members Free

For Information, call Dave Lundin, 248-229-5389