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Freedom to Choose

Jack Novick, Ph.D. and Kerry Kelly Novick

Many patients live in the “borderland” of pain-filled sadomasochistic relationships organized according to hostile omnipotent beliefs. Analysts struggle to find understanding and techniques to create alternative possibilities for growth. In response to these challenges, Jack and Kerry Novick have devised a developmental model of two systems of self-regulation and conflict resolution. The “closed” system is the well-known, circular and unchanging sadomasochistic realm of unreality. The “open” system is attuned to reality and is characterized by pleasure, competence, love, joy, and creativity. Both systems are available throughout development, and the aim of therapy is to help patients access open-system choices.

The Novicks have found the two-system model helpful for expanding technique and examining various psychoanalytic concepts, such as love, the therapeutic alliance, termination, parent work, and omnipotence. In this presentation they will look at material from the analysis of an older adult in order to apply the two-system model to the development and functioning of the superego in clinical work.

Please plan to join us for a stimulating clinical discussion.

Saturday, February 12
2:00 pm
East Hall, University of Michigan
Ann Arbor