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21st Century Living Color: Racialized Enactment In Psychoanalysis

Jane Hassinger, M.S.W., D.C.S.W.
Psychoanalyst, University of Michigan
Faculty Member and Researcher Faculty Analyst, Michigan Psychoanalytic Council Associate Member, Michigan Psychoanalytic Society

Discussant: Aisha Abbasi, M.D.
President, Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute
Author of The Rupture of Serenity: External Intrusions and Psychoanalytic Technique

Saturday, December 6, 2014
2:00 – 4:00 PM
*2 CME and CE Credit Hours
Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute
32841 Middlebelt Rd.
Farmington Hills

Practice Gap/Need
Race and culture consciously and unconsciously construct the therapeutic relationship (Altman, 2001; Layton, 2006; Leary, 1998). Left unacknowledged and unarticulated, therapeutic progress is impeded, and impasse, if not injury, is inevitable. The clinician’s recognition of his/her own attitudes, experiences and fantasies regarding race are essential to fostering favorable outcome and analytic progress. This paper will provide examples of clinical enactments which illustrate these dynamics.

Following the presentation, attendees will be able to:
1. Discuss contemporary psychoanalytic scholarship (from several psychoanalytic traditions) that address addressing the construction, uses, and psychological/social consequences of racial prejudice, racism, and race-related discriminatory practices.
2. Explain how particular relational psychoanalytic approaches provide theoretical and methodological opportunities for linking psychic, familial, and socio-cultural histories.
3. Relate certain psychopathologies of self and interpersonal relations to the pervasiveness of "idealized whiteness" and racism.
4. Identify, through clinical vignettes, how 'racialized' identities of both analysand and analyst, patient and therapist, consciously and unconsciously stimulate patterns of avoidance, disavowal, projection, and enactments of personal and cultural traumatic histories.

About the presenter: Jane Hassinger, MSW, DCSW, is a Psychoanalyst, U of M Faculty Member and Researcher, and practicing Psychoanalyst in Ann Arbor. She completed her psychoanalytic training at the Center for Contemporary Psychoanalysis in New York City and is a Faculty Analyst at the Michigan Psychoanalytic Council as well as Associate Member of the Michigan Psychoanalytic Society.