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Reel Deal II - The Black Swan

Sunday, December 4, 2011
1-3 pm

Director's Chair: Jolyn Wagner, M.D.
Psychoanalysts: Nancy Kulish, Ph.D. and Deanna Holtzman, Ph.D.

Bloomfield Township Public Library
Lone Pine and Telegraph

Practice Gap/Need:
Individuals driven by demands for perfection often maximize their ability to accomplish professional goals with their intensity and relentless focus. Analysts and psychotherapists (who themselves may be driven by needs for perfection) may overlook how such drivenness can undermine development, derail interpersonal relationships and form the basis for self- destructive/self defeating behaviors. The therapist's need to recognize and understand this source of such patients' distress is essential for successful treatment. Black Swan is a provocative film that vividly demonstrates the beauty and destructive potential of perfectionism within the world of ballet. Scenes from the film will be discussed in detail to highlight these issues. Deeper elaboration, with an emphasis on developmental arrest and intrapsychic fragmentation, will be provided by two psychoanalyst discussants.

By the end of the two hour conference, the participants will be able to demonstrate:
• Familiarity with the impact of perfectionist expectations and fantasies on the psychic life of the patient regardless of the success achieved professionally.
• Recognition of the role of perfectionism in the development of eating disorders, obsessive compulsive behaviors and developmental arrest.
• Awareness and ability to identify specific countertransference and transference enactments around longings for perfection that can undermine treatment.

One CME and CE Credit Hour

For information call Dave or Jolyn - 248-229-5389
No advance registration required.
General Public $15, Students $5, APT Members Free