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The Castrated Analysand: Trauma, Sleeping on the Couch, and Clinical Transference Neurosis Phenomena

The purpose of this paper is to contribute an interesting clinical example of an actual transference neurosis phenomenon, viewed as a complex compromise formation, and as a series of enactments expressing a variety of unconscious fantasies. During periods of the analysis, the patient, who had an early history of trauma, would frequently fall asleep on the couch.  As part of the paper, an analytic hour will be presented.  Transference and countertransference aspects of this enactment will be discussed.  Finally, selective analytic literature is reviewed.

David R. Dietrich, Ph.D.
Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute

Discussant:  Dale Boesky, M.D.
Training and Supervising Analyst
Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute

Thursday, March 4, 2004
8 p.m.-10 p.m.
Michigan Psychoanalytic Center
32841 Middlebelt, Farmington Hills