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Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute & Society

Sadomasochism, Bullying and Violence: An Examination of “In Broad Daylight: A Murder in Skidmore, Missouri”

Joshua Ehrlich, Ph.D.

Wednesdays, 7:30-9:00 pm
March 14, 21, 28, April 4, 11, 2012

7.5 CME and CE credit hours, $175.
Ann Arbor


Practice Gap/Need: Clinicians often have little training that addresses violence, bullying and acquiescence to bullying, even though these are issues that affect many of their patients’ lives. This course will seek to understand the dynamics of bullying and violence through an in-depth exploration of a best-selling book by Harry MacLean, “In Broad Daylight.” The book chronicles the extraordinary life of Ken McElroy, a sociopathic bully who terrorized a small Missouri town before the townspeople finally banded together and shot him to death in 1981. The account is remarkable in that McElroy attracted and exploited underage women and behaved violently with impunity—for years. We will utilize a psychoanalytic framework to explore such questions as: What propels a person to behave violently? Why are people prone to acquiesce to—or even align with-- bullies? Participants will be asked to read the MacLean book before the course begins, then weekly readings will be provided.


• Participants will observe the dynamics of bullying through an in-depth case study

•Participants will observe the dynamics of masochism (and acquiescence to bullying) through the reactions of individuals to a tyrannical bully