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Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute & Society

Religion & Spirituality: Challenges and Opportunities in the Patient/Therapist Relationship

2010 APT Annual Fall Program

Presenter:  Pilar Jennings, Ph.D., psychotherapist, psychoanalyst and researcher at Columbia University Center for the Study of Science & Religion.

Dr. Jennings received her Ph.D in Psychiatry and Religion from Union Theological Seminary, and received her analytic training from the Harlem Family Institute in New York.  She earned a Masters in Medical Anthropology from Columbia University, and a Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Writing from Barnard College of Columbia University.  Dr. Jennings is a long-term practitioner of Tibetan and Vipassana Buddhism, and has studied with senior teachers in both traditions.

Dr. Jennings seeks to offer an intimate look at how Eastern and Western healing modalities have begun to cross-pollinate for contemporary spiritual practitioners and clinicians attuned to the mutually informing worlds of psychotherapy and spiritually.

Saturday, October 23, 2010
Wayne State University, Oakland Campus
Farmington Hills
8:30 a.m. to 4:00 pm.

APT members $120.00
General Public $135.00
Students $35.00
Lunch is included
5 CME/CE credits

1. Attendees will develop a broader understanding of different religious and spiritual aspects of human development.

2. Clinicians will examine how to apply religion and spirituality concepts into working tools in treatment.

3. Attendees will find applications in many domains of their lives, both personal and professional.

4. Clinicians will develop the knowledge of how to work more effectively in treatment with the subject of religion and spirituality.