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Children’s Play in Psychotherapy: How to Listen, Understand and Work with What is Being Communicated

Instructor: Lorrie Chopra, M.A.

Dates and Location: TBA

Often, graduate programs have only a course or two on working with children, leaving therapists feeling confused and unprepared when working with young children. How do I talk to a child about conflict, wishes and fantasies? How do I use this play to help the child, and what does any of it mean? Play is the language of childhood, and it is how children communicate their conflicts, fantasies and internal world to the therapist. In this course, we will read essential psychoanalytic articles on thinking about, understanding the meaning of, and working with children’s play. Clinical material will be presented to help participants gain understanding on how children use play to communicate with the therapist. Techniques for therapists who work with children will be discussed, including how to therapeutically engage in play with child patients.